Defining ‘French’ moments!

This morning I just didn’t feel like dealing with the traffic and the stress of scootering to work, so instead, decided to take the bus – relaxing for me and also a great opportunity to people watch.

I was sitting next to a senior-age, French lady – who, by the way, fit the stereotype of elegance. She had short cropped silver hair, wore makeup, a black denim (just above the knee-length) skirt, black jacket with a accents of red, nylon stockings (not worn at much here as in U.S.), and close-toed/ankle-strapped 2 inch heels – impressive! (Shoes are the first thing I notice about a person, as I am a shoe-aholic!)

Suddenly, we both saw a refrigerator-type, delivery truck with the driver, wearing white overalls, walking down the sidewalk with two whole (with head intact) skinned pigs slung over his shoulder (Ewww!) The French lady next to me seemed surprised too, and said “Dites, donc!” (Hey!/Oh, my!) and then amusingly added that the local butcher shop was probably getting ready/set up for the Easter holiday (Paques) – maybe – but not so sure I’ll be eating any pork!

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