Duvet day: a visit to Antibes

I had never, ever heard of a “Duvet Day” before, and not sure it’s yet a popular option in the U.S., but hey, sounded like a great idea, as soon as my boss explained it! So, it was that I opted to take my first one ever and decided to scooter over to Antibes.

It was a cloudy day, but nice enough to stroll dockside and look at the boats and yachts (one had a helicopter on board), before continuing into Vieil (Old) Antibes, with its shops and cafes. There were market stalls set up, fountains, and boutiques selling all kinds of wares. While eating a banana/dark chocolate crêpe (with chantilly (whipped cream), of course), accompanied by a bowl of cidre brut (hard apple cider), there was a street performer playing the theme to the movie “Love Story” on some kind of string instrument – a nice change from the usual break dancers.

It was a very relaxing day, although I didn’t exactly stay under the duvet!

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All photos © 24/7 in France

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