Do this, don’t do that….

As the 1970 song (music link) goes, “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…do this, don’t do that – can’t you read the signs?” And so it was that I began looking at signs in and around Nice, and also noticed some interesting ads, and other tidbits. However, every day, I also see people ignoring signs: drivers speeding, scooters driving up the sidewalk, double parking/illegal parking, not using pedestrian crossings, and the incessant honking of impatient drivers, which is not permitted (yeah, right!) within the city limits of Nice, just to name a few!

Although the sitting-man sculpture isn’t a sign, it sat alone in a kitchen renovation shop window, just around the corner from where I work. I was attracted to his expression, which conveys its own message — so, in this way, I realized that all our facial expressions are indeed “signs”!

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(2012 All photos © twentyfourseveninfrance)

2 thoughts on “Do this, don’t do that….

  1. The first one I saw was the hemorrhoids sign, a bit disconcerting first thing in the morning. 🙂


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