Fashion-able Versailles

The first time I visited the Chateau de Versailles, I was overwhelmed with its beauty and history, and was mesmerized with its Baroque style and sheer decadence!  I felt like I belonged there and sensed a strange connection to its past, bringing tears to my eyes.  Each time I travel to Paris, I feel I must visit Versailles and bathe myself in its opulence — as if I’m breathing in the essence of an ‘autrefois.’

In 1999, after the storm damage occurred in Northern France, I even ‘adopted’ a tree at Versailles — a program for the re-planting of 10,000 trees; ‘my’ tree is along the Allée de la Reine in the Trianon Gardens, and so,  I am  represented through nature, at the very place I love. 

I hope you will enjoy the linked DIOR fashion video — as it shows beauty of style — both in fashion and in its chosen location!

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