5-star Hotel Restaurant in Nice

Situated on the grand, tree-lined boulevard of Victor Hugo in Nice, the Boscolo Excedra Hotel is indeed magnificent. As a former equestrian, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful, unique horse sculptures in the hotel’s lobby.

I had been invited to a luncheon at the hotel restaurant, “La Pescheria,” where I met and spoke with the new chef, Giuseppe Mandaradoni. Chef Giuseppe had been working with a Michelin-star chef in Sicily, but decided three months ago to move for a new opportunity and challenge – et voila! He was jovial, welcoming, and excited to have the chance to introduce his creative dishes: the “plat du jour” was baked spaghetti with vegetables, topped with salad and slivers of dried sausage. It was light and delicious! I’m looking forward to trying more of his creative cuisine. 

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