“Les Peintres dans la Rue” (Painters in the Street)

A nearby town’s square was hosting their annual Art Show/Contest, with artists vying for the best artwork and stand presentation. I also noticed five painters actively creating a personal work of art, while visitors wandered among the stands. There was classic art, impressionist style, abstract art, still life, and amusing, satirical pieces – a hodge podge of styles, colors, and artistic subjects.

I met and spoke with Monsieur BOOS, an artist with a studio in Nice, who was also walking around and taking in the views. I learned that he was one of the jurors for the day’s competition, with prizes going to the individual painter in action, and to the art stand deemed the winner.  I also spoke with him about his being an artist, which would give him a different perspective for judging today’s event – a kind of insider’s view from canvas up.  He also told me that there is an artwork show every weekend, all year long, at the Port in Cros de Cagnes-sur-Mer. As we said “au revoir” and continued on our way, I couldn’t help but wander who was going to be the winner.

Which painting style do you prefer in works of art?

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