A Royal Commute, “Sire” – “Your Majesty”

I am so excited, on cloud nine, over the moon, etc.   I absolutely love anything to do with Versailles, and actually, am traveling there soon.  The RER-C commuter trains, running from Paris to Versailles, are being re-decorated inside to ‘match’ the interior of some areas in the Chateau de Versailles (link in English).  How totally cool is this!

All aboard — Especially me!

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Photos Credit: http://www.gentside.com and http://golem13.fr/rer-c-chateau-versailles-decoration/

2 thoughts on “A Royal Commute, “Sire” – “Your Majesty”

  1. This is amazing! They didnt have this when i went!

  2. I agree – it’s stunning. The project was just recently done and Line C is almost completely decorated, if not totally by now. Thanks for commenting.

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