(prounounced “to-ear” and “beear”)

I recently visited the town of Thuir, not far from Perpignan and in the most southern area of the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The sidewalks in this town are marble; the town was full of charm.

Thuir is home to “les Caves Byrrh” that houses the largest oak vat in the world (1,000,200 liters) in its production of “Byrrh,” an aperitif wine since 1873. I took a guided tour and learned it was first used medicinally as a tonic, as it contained quinine, and was sold only in pharmacies. The mixture of a variety of spices and zest (orange, cinnamon, coriander, cocoa, and coffee) gives each type of wine its unique flavor; the company also produce Dubonnet, a dry vermouth.

Of course, I did a wine tasting after the tour, and ended up buying a bottle of “SOHO” liquor, flavored with cherries and ginger, which could be added to champagne – sounded delicious and definitely ‘sold’ me!

Test your knowledge of “Byrrh” in this quiz (in French with answers provided)

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4 thoughts on “THUIR, BYRRH, and SOHO

  1. I did the quiz and got them nearly all wrong so I obviously will have to visit myself and take the tour!!!!

    I have never heard of Byrrh, trust the French to have yet another wonderful aperitif. We were in the Cognac region last summer and so did lots of lovely tastings. One wonderful evening we visited a cave where the tasting was coupled with a musical recital by the two daughters of the house, one on the cello and the other on the violin. An unforgettable evening!!

    Maintenant il ya les inondations partout!! Il pleut toujours, la situation devient tres serieux.

    Bonne journee a toi

  2. Salut – I hadn’t heard of Byrrh either – it’s considered a “vin cuit.” How lovely your winetasting evening sounds, and so personalized which makes it even more special. Bonne chance et bon courage avec la meteo!

  3. Kathy Morton says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful, informative time:)) Loved taking the quiz and even though I was with you, I did NOT get all the answers correct! Obviously we need to go back to get more info!

  4. Bags ready to go any place and anytime you are – just say the word! 🙂

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