Une Foire Internationale – An International Fair

While I was in Montpellier, I attended an International Fair that was being held in a large exposition hall. There were goods representing a multitude of countries, each with its unique style and presentation of items for sale: clothes, flowers, household items, interior design, and much more.  It was huge and literally overwhelming, as I walked up and down the aisles. The most unusual thing was slimey, jellied cubes (but not wet to the touch) to put plants and flowers in; color could be added for decorative effect.

I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without, but certainly enjoyed looking! See anything in the photos you would have purchased?

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4 thoughts on “Une Foire Internationale – An International Fair

  1. I love the mirrors in the last shot, but then I am a sucker for mirrors. Not for looking into but more for the illusion of space that they give and the frames are often beautiful aren’t they? But these mirrors looked like art forms in themselves.

    Unfortunately, I have to content myself mainly with looking when in France as the price tags are sometimes unbelievable!! It is hard to imagine that France is itself suffering economic hard times when you look at some of the prices in the shops!! And how some of the smaller shops keep going is a mystery to me. Most of the independent florists have long disappeared from our high streets but there they are flourishing still in France, and the prices!!!!!!!! Still, lovely to look while we still can.

    Bonne journee

  2. I think prices here are high too and honestly don’t know either how the smaller shops stay in business, but thankfully, they do. I love stained glass, so stayed far away from that stand at the fair. 🙂

  3. colormusing says:

    Il ressemble une explosion des couleurs!

  4. Oui, une explosion de couleur, de gens, de culture, et une variete d’artisans.

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