French-Italian Lasagne

I don’t have a cooking gene, but have made over the years, lasagne: an easy, one pan kind of meal.  I hadn’t thought of making it in France though, for some reason, until the other day.  I bought FIORINI brand “Lasagnes aux oeufs” (eggs=19%)which were totally UNlike the American wavy-edged lasagne noodles.  And, there was even a recipe on the back of the box (OK, I admit, this is the real reason I bought it)!

Whoa! I started reading the recipe and it didn’t say to cook the noodles before layering them into the pan – What!? I had to be mis-translating something here, so I then looked at the general cooking directions on the side of the box:

“Ne necessite pas de pre-cuisson” (not necessary to precook)

HUH? I had never made lasagne without first cooking the noodles – so surely, I was not reading the French correctly – but Non, this was correct! I didn’t believe it, but went ahead and layered my UNcooked noodles with my own version of vegetable lasagne, thinking this couldn’t possibly turn out well.

Voila! In 40 minutes, it had finished cooking and was DONE! Now I’m wondering if I really needed to pre-cook American lasagne noodles, or is this a case of cultural cooking differences!?

11 thoughts on “French-Italian Lasagne

  1. We have both types of lasagn shhets her in South Africa. The difference is that the one is ‘pre-cooked’ and just needs to soften in the sauce. The other is ‘raw’ and the ingredients in the pasta needs to be cooked first. I agree, having to cook flat pasta is such a mission, I NEVER use it if I can help it! Enjoy your cooking triumph!

  2. That should read ‘sheets’! Fingers can’t spell…

  3. Raphaelle says:

    May be I can help : ) I am french, I have never pre-cooked my pasta while making lasagna. The goal of using either fresh pasta or dry pasta is to let it cook in the juice/sauce of your lasagna. If you cook with dry pasta it usually will take about 45mins to cook, if you have fresh pasta, I’d say between 15-30min. Although I am interested to know did you tasted a difference between US & French pasta?

  4. colormusing says:

    I’ve been experimenting lately with lasagne, and I must say my least favorite part is pre-cooking the pasta– mostly because it sticks together, making it a chore to separate the noodles. I’ll have to see if I can find noodles here that don’t need to be pre-cooked; that would make it so much more fun! Yours looks delectable, by the way! ; )

  5. Sandy Vann says:

    Bravo sounds like the perfect quick winter dish! We are in Salon de Provence…will try to connect for a coffee when we get to Nice again…late Dec. Bon fetes!

  6. I remember having trouble separating the noodles – this was definitely easier to do! Hope you can find them.

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