Fairies of the Forest: A Royal Ballet

Seeing that the Le Ballet des Fees de la Foret de Saint-Germain was being held at the Versailles Royal Opera during my recent trip to the area, I thought it might be fun to attend and watch a little classic ballet (read Baryshnikov).  I love baroque style decor, and this is the place where Queen Marie Antoinette performed – I was very excited!

The Opera was dimly lit and bigger than I imagined, although not huge, as I was escorted to my ground floor seat.

Stage curtain

The orchestra music began, with works right out of the time of Louis XIV and Molière, and I felt transported back in time.  The cast acted out a theatrical play, including Cirque de Soleil-type acrobatics and entertaining feats. What an absolutely delightful surprise – it was so well done and truly entertaining! (videos below)

Video clips:

6 thoughts on “Fairies of the Forest: A Royal Ballet

  1. vicki archer says:

    I am sure the ballet was just beautiful…
    Have a wonderful Christmas… xv

  2. colormusing says:

    Looks like such a beautiful theatre!

  3. singe des forêts says:

    You may like to know that a later performance of the same production was filmed at the Cité de la musique in Paris this month and will remain available online for some time at this link: http://citedelamusique.tv/Concert/0997908/ballet-des-fees-des-forets-de-saint-germain.html

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