Political Serenade & Tax with a Capital “T”

With the real estate tax capital gains laws (English article link), newly  proposed by President Hollande, the below political serenade may just become a new national anthem 🙂

“Come back Sarkozy song is online hit:

A teenager’s song pleading for Nicolas Sarkozy to return to politics in France has passed one million views on YouTube in a month.Josh Stanley, 16, from Monaco, has recorded a song begging Sarkozy to return and save France from François Hollande.

The song also refers to “taxes that are sinking us”, Peugeot and Renault which have “broken”, and (big business boss Bernard) Arnaud who has “cleared off”.

Josh who was born in Monaco to a British father and German mother, has made previous songs from his bedroom, including one called The Good Life, and won “Idées jeunes 2012” – a competition held by the Monegasque education authorities for people aged 15-25. However his “Sarko” song is his first international success – his song is now being sold on iTunes and played on radio. (video below)

He told Nice-Matin he did not know a lot about politics, but had listened to radio news about the French elections and the new government “and I thought it was an opportunity for a song”.

However he may be disappointed – former First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy recently told French Elle magazine it was unlikely Sarkozy would return to frontline politics.

The lyrics include:

Nicolas Sarkozy, reviens je t’en prie, viens nous sauver la vie.
M. le Président, les français sont pas contents,
faut changer de gouvernement.
Tout ce que t’as juré, tu n’y arriveras jamais,
il est temps de dégager”

“Nicolas Sarkozy, please come back, come save our lives.
Mr President, the French are not happy,
it’s time to change governments.
All that you promised, you will never deliver,
it’s time to get out”

Source: The Connexion

Personal Note:  I have no political agenda in posting this article, as I couldn’t vote in the French election.

4 thoughts on “Political Serenade & Tax with a Capital “T”

  1. colormusing says:

    So much more creative than yet another demonstration!

  2. Hollande’s taxes are a disaster for the second home community. He promised Cameron that he wouldn’t increase taxes on holiday homes when he came to Britain, but that was just before Cameron said he would roll out the red carpet for the wealthy French trying to escape the huge hike in income tax in France. Tit for tat … piggy in the middle? I never thought I would say in but I have to echo Josh, “Bring back Sarkozy, all is forgiven!”

  3. It’s the old saying, be careful what you wish for (or vote for, I should say!) The French economy is taking a dive and I’m sure the real estate market has really slowed down with the new tax structures – a disaster all around, I’m afraid.

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