“Nice” Giveaway !

The title is a “jeu de mots” – I have a small gift to award to the person who comes up with the most amusing/original caption for the below photo, taken on the French Riviera!

Submit your entry in the comments box by Wednesday, February 6th and Bonne Chance!


cool dude

21 thoughts on ““Nice” Giveaway !

  1. Hi Kim

    Quelle horreur! ou “Comme la vie est belle!”

    Take your pick!!!

    Bonne journee ma cherie

  2. TMerci, Corinne, for being the first contestant – bien fait!

  3. Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of the car window ;o)

  4. Thanks PiP for your two entries – bonne chance!

  5. Theadora says:

    FABulous photo !! I’m putting on my thinking cap now. . .I’ll return with a caption ! T.

  6. Thanks, Theadora – look forward to what you come up with!

  7. john stephenson says:

    This garb ain’t nothin , wait till you see my helmet! Or = so what are we waiting for , where’s my chauffeur?! john jsinus@gmail.com

  8. “Jump on, where to babe?”

  9. “Are we there yet?”

  10. Theadora says:

    Again, it’s a great shot ! Thanks for the fun ! T. Here’s are my captions:
    #1–“Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”
    #2– “It’s a Dog Bike Dog World!”
    #3–“Don’t look back, you can never look back”
    #4–“Baby, we were born to run!”

  11. Thanks, Theadora. Bonne chance!

  12. Thanks to all for your great captions and for participating. Congratulations to Theadora for submitting the chosen caption (#2), by unanimous decision by the staff at 24/7 in France.

  13. Felicitations a Theodora xx

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