Olive Oil Tasting near Perpignan

On my way from Perpignan to Thuir in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, I stopped at “Moulin Saint Pierre,” (link in English) an olive oil production mill, with 30,000 trees in their grove, and a beautiful reception area and shop. The young lady there was very welcoming and explained the entire process, as the owner stood in the glass-enclosed, modern factory area (not open to visitors for security reasons). He had just been to New York City to introduce his line of olive oils to restaurants and their chefs and to importers and waved to us through the large, glass window!

After tasting some of the delicious olive oil, I purchased some and browsed the shop area full of soaps and other regional goodies containing olive oil!

Huile d’olive vierge extra, douce et fruitée. Non filtrée. Caractéristiques : Estagnon métal doré, excellente protection à la lumière. Capacité : 200ml
Bouchon : Bouchon verseur à tirette rétractable.

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Below is a video in French showing how to make ice cream with olive oil and figs – Bon Appetit!
Mercredi 22 : Glace à l’huile d’olive, figues au vin et aux épices.
Pour voir la vidéo, cliquez ICI then scroll down on page

5 thoughts on “Olive Oil Tasting near Perpignan

  1. smvsoleil@aol.com says:


    Always enjoy your posts. Thanks. Gosh, we hoped to be able to meet in Nice for coffee or a glass of wine before we leave the area for awhile…perhaps to Hyeres…still deciding. We house sit in Saint Remy in March which is lovely, for new friends. Let us know if you are in Nice the next few days, in case we can get back via the train or bus in time to meet up svp. We are here just until Tuesday in our rental in Menton. Unfortunately we both had terrible cases of the flu, mine lasting almost ten days. Finally on the mend just the past two days or would have contacted you sooner. So we really enjoyed going to the Irish Pub Manalan’s in Cannes today and seeing the v.o. of the film Lincoln at last. What a treat. Have you seen it? Love to catch Les Miserables as well.

    If we get to Nice before we leave Tuesday or when we return for our OFII visa appt,medical exam perhaps if we come in a day or two before. We finally received notification, yeah on Wednesday for the 27th. appt. in Nice. So now we are trying to piece together what all if anything we do in advance Kim! Friends went via Nice for theirs previously and said it all went well, though I don’t have lots of info on it. I will email them with a few clarifying questions. Just read a rather daunting letter in the Riviera magazine, about going to the Prefecture, not sure which one the writer went to for renewing his titre de sejour, with hours in line to be sure he got in early. Well we have an 8:30 appt. time so hoping it goes to plan and think we just take all our same documents plus $ and get the xray done, see the Dr. and voila~! Stay tuned. :)) Anyway, we, had really hoped to meet you if possible at some point. It sounds like you have been traveling around quite a lot yourself. Any plans to be in Menton at all? 🙂 We may go to San Remo on Sunday yet as had hoped to get back there as well just for the day. Sounds like it may be a bit chilly this weekend.

    Keep warm and well. Would so love to hear from you if you get the chance to drop us a note. If it doesn’t work out to connect before we leave will stay in touch and let you know when we are back. All the best to you.

    Sandy Vann-Sweeney

  2. colormusing says:

    Olive oil is high on my list of favorite things! There’s very little that I cook without it. And I really love olive oil soap!

  3. Lisaman says:

    Olive oil with icecream.. That is just so different.. never heard of it before!

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