Black Diamonds – Black Gold !

I recently attended a truffle festival, since I really wanted to know if they really smell like what I had heard – like dirty sweaty feet! Sure enough there were tables galore with vendors selling their black gold, so I asked one vendor if I could smell one of ‘her’ truffles. I was very surprised that it didn’t really smell at all (certainly not like dirty socks), but I did order an omelette with truffles for lunch and wow – the taste of the grated truffle was pungent! At 120E for 100 grams, truffles are worth their weight in gold!

There were vendors selling other items: ceramics, food & drinks, with attendees enjoying the day hosted by a local 4* hotel/restaurant called, “La Bastide Saint Antoine.” As I walked around the beautiful grounds, I was amused by the posters displayed from the past years’ truffle festivals (one rather risque from 2003!), as well as watching a truffle hunting dog demonstration – I wondered, though, where was the pig?  Maybe next year!

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10 thoughts on “Black Diamonds – Black Gold !

  1. It is definitely much an acquired taste. Personally, I prefer the less rare, white truffles you get in Italy.

  2. Thanks – Never heard of white truffles – do they taste vastly different than the black ones?

  3. Interesting – hope to get to taste them sometime – thanks.

  4. thanks for sharing. but now I’m hungry… I would like scrambled eggs with truffles ;o)

  5. You’re welcome – doubt I’ll be buying any at that price so that was my one affordable taste 🙂

  6. vicki archer says:

    Hello Kim,
    I am a truffle fan… they are to me… a true luxury…expensive… but a little bit goes a very long way… It’s one taste I look forward to all year… my winter treat…:) xv

  7. Lisaman says:

    Never had a truffle but did a Bole omelette in October that I picked in the forest.. 😉

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