“LBD – La Petite Robe Noire”

I was recently shopping and passed a pharmacy window featuring a Guerlain perfume, for which “J’adore” (a Dior perfume) the TV

Guerlain1commercial!  Everything about this product appeals to me – the branding, marketing, visual packaging, etc.  Having visited a parfumerie, as well, I am only too aware of what goes into creating what goes inside of the bottle.

Guerlain2But, like a book’s cover or film trailer, it’s the visual aspect of a perfume that draws someone, enticing them to open the cover and smell.  So, is it the marketing or the visuality of a product that initially piques our interest?  What do you think?

10 thoughts on ““LBD – La Petite Robe Noire”

  1. Kate says:

    This is pretty! So much thought and money is given to the design of a perfume bottle. They are so beautiful and I love their names; I just wish they didn’t smell!

  2. Well the LBD will do it for me. I have far too many of them. In fact this year I am determined to launch out into colour. Nevertheless the packaging of a product will always influence my choice. And this one is lovely, stylish but fun, and I love J’adore anyway.

    Happy St Davids Day from Wales.

  3. I too have a closet full of black 🙂 but it’s so great to accessorize, non?
    Is St. David’s Day like St. Patrick’s Day?

    • Same idea different saint! St David is the patron saint of Wales, Patrick of Ireland, George of England and think it’s Andrew of Scotland. Big deal in Wales, though, and there will be lots of events taking place, big parade in Cardiff which we are taking my nearly 3 year old grandson to see it for the first time. Everyone will be wearing daffodils. March 1 always seems to mark the beginning of spring in Wales as the daffodils are out which is just as well as the daffodil is the national flower of Wales.

      And the sun is shining. Hooray!!

  4. Sounds wonderful and a fun day – enjoy the family time and wear a daffodil for me!

  5. colormusing says:

    Effective marketing/branding is always about creating a story, and stories don’t work unless we relate to them in a fundamental way. So it’s not an either/or thing; every element of advertising— visual, text, video, and in the case of perfume, those scented strips— should all contribute to the brand’s story and make it relevant to the target market. If you ever find yourself looking at an ad or a TV commercial and feeling disengaged, or, worse, confused, there is something wrong with the story. Think about it— if you don’t relate to the story, why would you think you need that product?

    Perfume ads always intrigue me; I would think they’re some of the hardest products to effectively market, because (a) scent is an extremely personal and subjective thing, and (b) even with those strips in magazines, you can’t really get a true sense of a perfume unless you actually try on the real thing— so how to you evoke the story, in, say, a print ad? In general, perfume stories tend to be romances, with undertones of glamour, and occasionally mystery. So interesting to see how it all works.

    Great question, Kim! As you can see, this is an area that fascinates me.

  6. john stephenson says:

    I’d like to meet a gal with legs like that! john x jsinus@gmail.com

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