Keeping An Eye on the Nice Carnaval!

The Carnaval de Nice is winding down soon, with all the fanfare that goes along with it!  The time, effort, and work that goes on behind the scenes (video link) is incredible, and it always seems to flow so effortlessly, and “flow” it does….or should I say “throw”, meaning the Bataille de Fleurs: the flower parade where bunches of flowers are continuously thrown to the crowds of spectators.

Do you know the name of the yellow small flower, being thrown in the below video ?

12 thoughts on “Keeping An Eye on the Nice Carnaval!

  1. Kate says:

    Mimosa, of course!

  2. Even I knew mimosa (though I wouldn’t have known how to spell it)! Great video, I felt I was back in Nice, but am more than happy to settle for very sunny Capetown at the moment.

  3. It was sunny here today, too, but forecast is rain for next few days – best you stay there 🙂

    • Hi Kim

      I couldn’t believe the Nice Carnaval took place at this time of year. All those blue skies, dancing girls and a festival of flowers. You really are spoiled, whilst all the rest of us are shivering in northern climes. Great video by the way and the fantastic Adele belting out as ever. The flowers being thrown at the end, the mimosa????

  4. Some of those blue sky days were cold, though, but with all that energy expended and crowd body heat, I’m sure no one was bothered much 🙂

  5. Sandy Vann says:

    Hi Kim, This is beautiful thanks for the post! We have a tiny Carnival this weekend in Saint Remy. We are housesitting and pet sitting for new friends until 23 of March. Beautiful home at edge of the centre.

    Hope all is going well there? Bisous a tous les deux. Sandy

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Hi Sandy – Sounds lovely – enjoy your time in St. Remy! Where to next?

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