Carpe Diem in Old Nice!

carpe diem cardSeize the Day Evening!  And that’s exactly what I did — at a newly discovered, charming restaurant in the Old Town of Nice, called “Carpe Diem.”  What a find!

The food was delicious; service was professional, courteous, and friendly; decoration warm and charming – it was all positive!  There were 24 seats in the section where I was seated,  with an adjoining room with more seating that can also accommodate events and weddings.

The restaurant has been open for about a year and is open for business every evening at 7pm (except Wednesday) and is open for lunch on Sunday.  This is definitely worth going back to,  so if you check it out, please mention my blog — Bon Appetit!

(This is a personal recommendation, not a paid advertisement.)

Hover over photo to see the caption:


10 thoughts on “Carpe Diem in Old Nice!

  1. The tarte ricotta looks great! …and a Kir is always good… it reminds me of summer :o)

  2. Thanks – everything was delicious and especially the Kir 🙂

  3. Thanks, Kim. This will be just the place for our next Nice Sunday lunch!

  4. Hope you enjoy it, too – please let me know.

  5. What a cozy place, Kim! I love the red and white checkered tablecloths. I’ve got my eye on the Soupe Paysanne, the tarte ricotta, and the glasses Kir, of course. Carpe Diem. Fabulous name! T.

  6. Thanks, Theadora – the food was incredibly tasty and the place was indeed very cozy and comfortable.

  7. This looks great, we are always looking for new good restaurants in Nice, merci!

  8. cteachr says:


  9. Thanks, it was indeed yummy!

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