Chez Freddy

Anyone that has been to Nice knows that the Cours Saleya is the heart of Old Nice and is host to the daily food and flower market, except for Monday’s antique market. Being a highly touristic area, the restaurants, situated along each side of this corridor, compete for customers, as they try to verbally lure you into theirs.

I hadn’t eaten seafood in a while, so decided to try “Chez Freddy,” with their fish and seafood specialties and stacked platters on display outside the restaurant to visually lure customers.  It was a Wednesday evening, off season but during carnaval time, so busy enough; reservations are probably a good idea during tourist season and/or weekends. I was seated in the tented/enclosed terrace, which had gas heaters on, although it was still a little chilly – not enough to move though.

Here’s what I saw & experienced:

The lobster I ordered was delicious, served with flavored rice (can’t figure out what it was but was outstanding!), and ratatouille. I also had a starter of Farcis Niçois, a specialty in Nice (stuffed vegetables).

I felt one waiter was a little aggressive, in verbally trying to get extra food courses ordered, and the service felt rushed, as if they were trying to have a higher rate of customer turnover.  I asked for melted butter, after my lobster was served, and it was never brought to the table (didn’t really need it after all, so I didn’t ask again). I did take a peak at the dessert menu (link also to view full menu), but decided to resist!

Would I go back?  Yes, as the seafood is their specialty and the lobster was good. Alternatively, you can order from the fixed price menu for a better price point. Just don’t be intimidated if you get a “pushy” waiter!

Olive Oil speciality in Nice (photo below)


4 thoughts on “Chez Freddy

  1. frenchfry36 says:

    Bad service can totally turn me off returning to a restaurant – even if the food is good.

  2. I sometimes give a place a 2nd chance, in case of a one-time “off” experience, if the food warrants it. Yes, I agree that bad service impacts the overall dining experience and is a turn off – thanks for commenting.

  3. Lisaman says:

    I hate pushy waiters that rush you too leave… Lots of that in the mountains in season!!

  4. No doubt it’s more prevalent in high tourist areas to turn tables quicker, but still….

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