Italian Restaurant at Nice Port

“Le Local” is situated just around the corner from the “Notre Dame du Port” church , with its neoclassical edifice and topped with a statue of the Virgin Mary.  I have enjoyed lunch (dinner)  there several times.  Most recently, I met a friend for a leisurely lunch, which turned into a even more leisurely lunch (read: enough time for an extra after-lunch glass of Prosecco) due to a springtime thunderstorm passing through.

The restaurant’s “cuisine Italienne” is very good, service is friendly and accommodating, the restaurant’s location is on a side street for less Port traffic noise. Oh, and the prices are reasonable too – what more could one want?

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(This is a non-paid, personal recommendation.)

8 thoughts on “Italian Restaurant at Nice Port

  1. Thanks for the tip, we’ll definitely be giving it a try when back in Nice next month!

  2. The Mouse says:

    Very nice pictures.

  3. Thanks – I appreciate your comment.

  4. The food looks great… and this meu card makes me hungry. I hope we can visit Nice sometimes, it’s a wonderful place :o)

  5. Thanks, Easy – hope you get to visit sometime soon, although I personally would avoid coming in July and August – unless you really enjoy crowds 🙂

  6. colormusing says:

    Fantastique— la cuisine italienne en France! Pour moi, c’est parfait!

  7. Merci (Grazie) – j’aime bien aussi la cuisine italienne!

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