Gastronomic Restaurant in Nice

Situated on Coco Beach just after the port of Nice,  “La Reserve” is a well-known “restaurant gastronomique, ” famous for its proximity next to the sea, high quality dining, and providing panoramic views.  The ambiance is formal, with a contemporary interior design, and sound effects from the waves lapping the shoreline.  The food was first-rate, service excellent (but not personable), and views spectacular.  But, I had a little reserve about La Reserve….a feeling that something was missing that I couldn’t put my finger on.  It wasn’t just the pricey menu (expected for this type of restaurant), but rather a lack of “soulfulness” – everything felt too robotic.  It was a black and white, rather than colorful, experience – figuratively speaking and difficult to explain.  Do you know what I mean?  Have you ever experienced this at a restaurant?

(The above is my personal opinion and not meant as a critique of the restaurant to sway tourists – your experience may be totally different.)

(hover mouse over photo for caption)

14 thoughts on “Gastronomic Restaurant in Nice

  1. Hello Kim,
    looking at the beautiful food on display it certainly appears impressive, but I understand what you mean, sometimes the some of the parts do not always add up to what is now a commonly over used phrase called the X factor

  2. Hi Kim

    I know exactly what you mean. And sometimes the more expensive the venue the less personable the service. As if the customer is doing them a favour by showing up at all! Maybe this will change though as customer service increasingly becomes the variable that brings back the repeat business that will keep all businesses going.

    Hope so!!

    Bonne journee a toi.

  3. I agree – I did have lunch though at the (higher level than La Reserve) Chantecleer Restaurant at the Negresco Hotel and the service was efficient yet very personable – a great experience!

  4. john says:

    yes, Nobles!

  5. cteachr says:

    Kim, that looks like fantastic food. Very much my taste. And the lighthouse view just makes it complete. Merveilleux!

  6. The food looks fabulous! For me, though, I love casual elegance, whether it’s food or setting. And then, of course, there are moments when nothing beats a plate of food at a picnic. (Sorry – I’m just lusting after summer and warm weather. . ..)

  7. Me too – it has been about 6 degrees cooler than normal here – can’t wait for hot temps and warmer Mediterranean sunshine! Thanks, Melia, for commenting and bon weekend!

  8. This restaurant has been on our list for some time, and now we will give it a try. …but devotedly it will be for the lunch prix-fixe menu. Very evocative photos of the food!

  9. Thanks – please let me know how your lunch goes and I’ll be very interested to hear what you think – Bon Appetit!

  10. Merry says:

    I totally understand what you’re saying here! “Soulfulness” as you call it is very important in meals! The photos of the food do look good, though:)

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