Brasserie in Nice

I recently dined at Brasserie Alberti, located on the corner of rue Alberti and rue de l’Hotel des Postes  in Nice.  This used to be the Alsacienne restaurant that is well known for its sauerkraut garnished with a variety of sausages, ham, and potatoes.

Since the weather was cooler than normal, it was the perfect evening for this meal!  I ordered the “Choucroute Tradition” and a “une pression (beer on tap) Grimbergen Ambre”.  It was delicious, as usual – although this time, the chef added a lot more “baies de Genièvre” (juniper berries), which were easy enough to pick out.

Overall, it was a deliciously hearty, hot, and heartwarming meal!

(Of course, they have a wide variety of menu selections for those who don’t care for sauerkraut)


8 thoughts on “Brasserie in Nice

  1. Choucroute inevitably appeals to me more before I actually eat it. Then it’s a little like digesting a Big-Mac!

  2. Indeed – a hearty meal, but delicious.

  3. I like the ambience of the restaurant.

  4. Thanks, Jennifer – it is a lively atmosphere, especially on weekends.

  5. john says:

    love sauerkraut but you omit the wurst. good photos, helps to sense the atmosphere and feel. tks

  6. Merci, John – I think sauerkraut is one of those foods you either like or hate 🙂

  7. Peter says:

    Very delicious meal from the word go

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