l’Univers Restaurant in Nice

I really enjoyed my first cooking class with this restaurant’s Michelin-star chef, master chef Cristian Pumailso decided to have a second go ’round to learn even more!  With a master chocolatier making dessert on one side of the large kitchen, we were busy prepping the food for the day’s delicious lunch, as follows:

A starter of omelette avec de la poutine (tiny fish-a regional specialty), a main course of veal with des legumes, and of course, chocolate for dessert.  Champagne as an apero and wines during lunch, bien sûr!  The restaurant holds the cooking classes (conducted in French) on Saturday mornings for a limited-size group – reserve early.

(hover mouse over image for caption)

12 thoughts on “l’Univers Restaurant in Nice

  1. The Rider says:

    Wish I could attend such a class! It must be an experience to treasure.

  2. Some mouth-watering photos!

  3. cteachr says:

    Oh! le chocolat!! Miam!! We had some delicious chocolates last night which we bought from the local chocolaterie, Couleur Chocolat.

  4. Thank you for this nomination; however, my award is my readers and followers who inspire me to write this blog.

  5. Thanks, Saminaiqbal27, and hope you will stay tuned – I value your readership.

  6. anniedm778 says:

    This sounds like so much fun too! Especially the chocolate 🙂

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