Seeing is believing…

Taking some of the frustration out of France

France’s bureaucracy is notoriously slow and for many foreigners, very confusing. But life is about to become simpler as the French government unveils a new series of measures to ease interactions between the French State and its citizens. From driving penalty points to paying VAT, the new set of rules could make ‘l’administration’ more modern and user–friendly.

The new measures to simplify interactions between the State and the public could reduce waiting lines at town halls.  (Photo Credit: David Morris)

Among the most expected measures, the life of a carte d’identité (ID card) will be extended from 10 years to 15 years, saving money and many hours at town halls in the process.

The restaurant tickets system, whereby certain companies give their employees around eight euros a day to spend on lunch, will also be simplified. Before the end of the year, a rechargeable card will replace the paper system to make paying for food more convenient. Around 3.5 million French workers use the restaurant tickets system.

Checking how many points a motorist has lost on their driving license will also become a little less time–consuming since the data will be posted online for drivers to consult.

Businesses are also set to benefit from the government’s plan, with obligations for trading firms to register with French tax authorities to be removed. Those companies will only have to register with their chamber of commerce, cutting paperwork and costs by half.

Several administrative procedures for businesses will be achieved online, such as payment of the VAT, which represents five million bills sent to the State every year.

Prime Minister Jean–Marc Ayrault said the measures will save the country around three billion euros in 2014 by speeding up and simplifying the interactions between the French State and businesses, as well as those who live in the country.

Source/Credit: Mado Bayon for The Riviera Times Online

7 thoughts on “Seeing is believing…

  1. colormusing says:

    I’m so glad to hear that the French government is taking its citizens/consumers into greater consideration (as opposed to just continuing to do things the way they always have). It sounds like they have some good ideas being put into use.

  2. Lisaman says:

    As long as EUR3 Billion gets spent wisely and not wasted on government ;-)!!!

  3. frank says:

    To Lisaman and Kim: I wouldn’t set your hopes too high. I see this red-tape issue from a totally apolitical vantage point, and I feel that this three-billion euro pot of gold promised by Monsieur Ayrault (much like the savings promised by most of the previous governments) will never be seen, let alone wisely spent!

  4. You’re probably right, Frank, but hope springs eternal!

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