Surprising Stats

Let’s face it – we don’t really know what’s going to interest our audience in the world of blogging, as there is so many blogs and so little time.

I try to write informative articles, yet amusing and entertaining ones to pique readers’ interest and loyalty.  I was surprised that every day someone does a keyword search for Starbucks, but I had no idea that that topic would be the top post so far – go figure (pun intended)!  Hips don’t lie and these stats don’t lie!


1st Starbucks on the Côte d’Azur

Mots Croises de Noel (Christmas Crossword Puzzle)

Book Trailer Video: “Solitary Desire”

“11eme Art” : A nice Nice restaurant

Brasserie in Nice

Thanks for staying tuned!

8 thoughts on “Surprising Stats

  1. Loyalty is such a fickle thing in the blogosphere 😉

  2. Merci, c’est gentil.

  3. colormusing says:

    Je le comprends bien… I’m often surprised that certain posts of my own get the attention they do. I always enjoy yours, Kim— it’s not just the feeling of living vicariously through you and your experiences, you also make the dream of living in France seem achievable! Thanks for your wonderful blog and all the thought and work you put into it!

  4. Thank you, Lindy, for your loyalty and touching comment, which inspire me even more. Bon weekend!

  5. simplyilka says:

    I like the cote d’azur a lot. We even went there for our honeymoon 🙂 It is nice to see this beautiful region through your eyes. Thank you!

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