Food We Eat : Conventional Breakfast (30 Countries)

An interesting look at cultural differences, indeed!  Are there any that you would not try?

Food We Eat : Conventional Breakfast (30 Countries).

8 thoughts on “Food We Eat : Conventional Breakfast (30 Countries)

  1. Christiane Lloyd says:

    Hallo Kim

    As usuell I always i enjoy your story’s.But here is something wrong, “the German breakfast”. We never have bacon or whole sausages and white bread for breakfast . Cold cut and cheese and jam is write.

    Just to inform you.

    Have a nice Monday



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  2. Jennifer says:

    This is so interesting. I love non-traditional foods for breakfast, like vegetables and rice, for example.

  3. colormusing says:

    Tres interessant! I’m surprised by how many seem closer to what I’d think of as lunch or dinner. Personally, I prefer non-typical breakfast foods in the morning (making exception for croissants, bien entendu), so I’d probably fit in quite easily in many of these countries.

  4. I’m more of a traditional French continental breakfast, but still enjoy a good ole American bacon and eggs breakfast de temps en temps!

  5. anniedm778 says:

    Very interesting and some of the meals I would not touch, lol. But, most mornings I like a bowl of Cheerios cereal. Heavier breakfasts are reserved for the weekend. I’m sure I’d have a blood sugar drop at mid-morning if I only ate a sweet roll and coffee, though. I suppose those who do have a snack at about 10 a.m.?

  6. Yes, Annie, when I was eating just a baguette with jam and coffee, I would feel ill due to a drop in blood sugar so now I am a muesli cereal in the morning gal too. Snacking is not culturally a French thing, but do have a mid-morning espresso instead. Thanks for commenting and bon weekend!

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