Ethical or not?

This is NOT a post to ask for money as in crowd-funding, but rather, a sort of crowd-support post – is that the same thing though, really?

To explain, I have entered my trailer video in an international festival and would like to get at least 50 votes needed so that it can be featured on a People’s Choice homepage.

So, if you would like to support me (non-financially), you can vote here:

All I humbly ask is that you vote your conscious and if you think it’s ethical – the lines have become so blurred in today’s world, I’m not sure myself! 🙂

(My intention is not to offend anyone by asking or to come across as spamming followers.)  Any thoughts on all this type of solicitation?


Eurostar Service

Eurostar looking at all-year round service to south of France

Eurostar-south-franceREGULAR high speed rail services to the south of France from the UK could be up and running by 2015, Eurostar has said.

Chief executive, Nicolas Petrovic, reported on the success of its trial service to Provence that ran from 4 May to 29 June, saying more than 90% of capacity was sold, with the May half-term period being completely sold out.

“We have seen a surge in booking from outside Europe and our new service to Provence has proved a great success with many services running at full capacity,” said chief executive Nicolas Petrovic.

With the success of the route behind them, Eurostar says it will look to introduce an all-year round service to the south of France from 2015.

Credit: This French Life