Louie, Louie, Oh, oh – Louis, Louis, Oh, la, la !

My favorite place to be is the Chateau de Versailles, with its opulent Baroque decor and grandeur.  So, not surprising that I recently spent some time there during my trip to Paris.  This time, however, I did a “visite-conférence” – a one-and-a-half hour guided visit, which included access to the private apartments of Louis XV and Louis XVI, the Royal Opera, and the Royal Chapel – areas  not permitted to visit with the general admission.  You can reserve the “visite-conférence” online (recommended) for the guided visit in English or in French.

My favorite “Louis” is the XIV, and with the chateau being his signature piece, his visual presence is seen everywhere.  I love the dress and music of that period (video below).  As the “Sun King,” he was golden and the gold-leaf decor equally resonates throughout the chateau. Vive le Roi –  “My Louis”!

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6 thoughts on “Louie, Louie, Oh, oh – Louis, Louis, Oh, la, la !

  1. Thank you so much for this video of the ancient dances! Fascinating. You can see the origins of ballet in these dances. What a wonderful experience!

  2. frenchdrawings says:

    Nice posting and beautiful photos!

  3. Anna says:

    Amazing pictures of an amazing place. I visited the Chateau de Versailles one year ago and there was so much to see! Never knew about the “visite-conférence”, so thanks for the tip!

    • You are welcome – hope you get to visit again. They have events from time to time at the Royal Opera, which is very special as well, in case that’s an option for you. Bon dimanche (Have a good Sunday)!

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