A Nice Baby Shower!

I attended a baby shower the other evening in an amusing setting in Nice, especially for our heterosexual group: a new gay bar (on rue Rossetti in Old Nice) that is really two bars across from each other, called “Bar Butch & Bar B*tch.” Other than the (beautiful) drag queen poster on the wall and the bar’s cotton candy machine in full swirl, it was a typical Nice cafe setting.
coming out day

racism panda

The bar features an extensive selection of beers from many countries, as well as typical cocktails, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages.  Service was excellent and the evening was fun, not to mention the people watching!

“Afternoons at either bar are a perfect time to relax with a drink and a bite to eat on one of the terraces while you watch the world go by.  And if you want to meet the locals, this is also turning out to be the place everyone is going for an after work apéro.” (Credit: rivierabuzz)

Reportedly, Nice is the 2nd most-chosen city (after Paris) for the gay community, with gay-friendly beaches and other venues noted on the city’s tourism website.

New Concept ideally located right in the Heart of Old Nice 1 & 2 rue Rossetti (Rossetti Place) your two new trendy bars.  With their terraces a hundred seats that face this, the street becomes the passage Rossetti force for a coffee, drink, cocktail .  Their owners (Jean- Pierre & Mika key figure in the Riviera night and Thibaud & Anthony organizers of the famous Party “RAINBOW POWER”) welcomes you every day of the week, with many themes for parties, DJs, After Work, Dinatoire aperitif, Expo … and good humor.

BAR BITCH is open 7/7 from 02:00pm to 00:30am.
BAR BUTCH  opens its doors 7/7 from 04:00pm to 00:30am, with a large selection of beers from several countries.” (source: officiel website)

4 thoughts on “A Nice Baby Shower!

  1. elladyer says:

    Sounds like fun; we will check out next time.

  2. cteachr says:

    I especially like the panda poster. It would be good for school.

  3. Agree – feel free to share the photo.

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