Hard to Soft Water – Easy!

The water in the Nice area is very hard and leaves white calcium deposits everywhere – shower heads, water kettles, not to mention build up in pipes to washing machines and dishwashers.

Here’s a great solution to this problem that doesn’t require plumbing installation, but rather, uses electromagnetic charges to change the calcium’s polarity to prevent it from sticking to pipes.  It’s a plug-in unit with wires that wrap around the copper water pipes of the main water supply – Voila!

cyane installationI bought and installed one in August and noticed a difference in the water in about three weeks.

Check out Cyane HERE

cyane photo

This is NOT a paid promotional ad, but rather, a personal review.

One thought on “Hard to Soft Water – Easy!

  1. leamuse says:

    I shall have to check it out! Our water is so very hard and tea kettles and coffee makers don’t last long despite soaking the element in vinegar frequently. Also, a washing machine doesn’t last too long even with those special anti-calcium tablets you put in with each load

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