Salon du Palais Gourmand (Culinary Expo)

Similar to the Salon des Vignerons, this annual exposition was equally impressive, with winemakers, artisans, and culinary specialists all enticing visitors to taste and sample their wares. Held over a five-day period at the l’Hippodrome/racetrack in Cagnes-sur-Mer, the event hosts regional productors from all over France.

Of course, my first stop was at one of the champagne stands, where I sampled their Brut Rosé – it was miam-miam!  Foie gras, super-size cheeses, meats and sausages of every kind, olives, nougat, macaroons, oysters, and cassoulet were on display in the pavillon – a feast for the eyes, as well as for the tastebuds – Bon Appétit!

5 thoughts on “Salon du Palais Gourmand (Culinary Expo)

  1. I think I would eat and drink there till I would burst :o) oh the chest nuts, it’s the perfect time!

  2. Thanks & too bad they don’t do doggy bags in France 🙂

  3. colormusing says:

    Wow! Love the street name and the Kit de Survie– miam-miam indeed! Tout a coup, j’ai faim…

  4. Thanks – we all need a survival kit! 🙂

  5. frank says:

    Nice! And some taste-provoking photos too.

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