What’s your take on Monaco?

Most visitors to the French Riviera express a desire to see two places in particular: Cannes (due to the famous film festival) and Monaco (due to its reputation for fame & fortune). Interestingly enough, the majority of my friends, who have visited Monaco, were not impressed/disappointed, even referring to it as a “concrete jungle.”

Of course, Monte Carlo has many beautiful sites: the ports, casino square, the rock, and local parks. So, just wondering what’s your impression?

National Day of Monaco – 19 november

Photo credit: Michelle Locke, Associated Press

Photo credit: Michelle Locke, Associated Press – philly.com

15 thoughts on “What’s your take on Monaco?

  1. Mich-in-French says:

    It’s not a place I would purposefully choose to stay in but would definitely want to visit for the experience of it. It does look very squashed and packed with buildings but I also hear it is very clean and well organised so that appeals to me coming from the cities of Africa it will be a refreshing change.

  2. I think both are over rated, but of the two, Monaco has more pizzaz. There are so many charming little villages along the coast so much more pictureque and appealing !

  3. Alistair Syme says:

    Glad I went there but wouldn’t go again, just so much ostentatious wealth, young kids driving Ferraris and Porsches, enormous yachts belonging to Saudi billionaires moored there forever. You walk into the splendid Casino and there are banks of one-armed bandits, fur coat and no knickers. Loved the rest of the Cote D’Azur and Nice is wonderful but the Grimaldis and the super rich can keep Monte Carlo.

  4. Lyn Banner says:

    Loved Monaco. We were on a cruise ship and we were just there for a lovely sunny day. They were setting up for the Grand Prix and the harbour was brilliant. We will go back one day.

  5. colormusing says:

    I’ve not been to either (yet), but I will be happy to form my own opinion when it does happen. It’s interesting (but not really surprising) that people have such wildly different experiences in the same place.

  6. Thanks – beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

  7. Weekend In Paris says:

    I will actually be back in Monaco in two weeks. On my first visit I was surprised about how commercial it was, but also pleasantly surprised that there was something for everyone – adult playground (casinos) and kids playgrounds (merry-go-rounds and games) along with shopping and green spaces in between. The food was very good, everything from the best pastries (at the Fairmont Hotel) to Italian food and great appetizers at Café de Paris. I loved the peaceful views from the higher elevations too and can’t wait to be back visiting.

  8. Thanks for commenting – there is certainly a variety of sights in Monaco for everyone to enjoy. Bon voyage!

  9. Mary James says:

    Concrete city….I could not agree more. I discourage our guests from choosing to spend one of their days on the Cote d’Azur here. There is so much more in other spots. But, regretfully, many people have a ‘bucket list’. And I talk to many people who have been previously and say it is not a place they really want to go back to…..

  10. Gambling, shopping, hill walking, sunny, car racing and posh, that’s all I have heard about it.

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