Skipping off to Paris

A relevant post, since I’m ‘skipping’ off to Paris, and will be ‘skipping’ through the city to savor it’s beauty and ambiance with child-like wonder.

I am planning to eat at Le Grand Colbert (they also have delicious, authentic chocolat chaud), to enjoy an apero at Le Meurice (original plan was Plaza Athenée, but it is closed for renovation), and bien sûr, to try this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau, after its official release tonight at one minute past midnight (the fourth jeudi (Thursday) in November).

So, here’s to being young at heart…….especially in the ‘City of Light!’ (city of lightS is commonly used, but is not correct)

Do you know why Paris is named the city of light?  Answer/guess in the comment section.

14 thoughts on “Skipping off to Paris

  1. The Mouse says:

    Was it first city to have street lights?

  2. The Mouse says:

    Enjoy your trip. 🙂

  3. I thought it might be because of it being a center of culture and learning, so I looked it up. That’s part of it and the street lights were the other.

    Safe travels and have fun!


  4. gigideparis says:

    Sounds like a special please! City of light…mmmm not sure come to think of it… Jill

  5. colormusing says:

    Quand vous y visitez, prenez un photo “selfie” en portant un chapeau rouge et un manteau bleu, SVP! : ) Peut-etre meme les bas-collants en rouge?

  6. Sandy Vann says:

    Kim, How fun! Enjoy…am sure you will.Love the posts…and love to hear more on your return whether the Blog conference will be held in 2014 svp, if so where?

    Writing from AZ. Enjoying the babies and family time…working on our biz ideas, well trying to! Happy Thanksgiving a bit early and will be in touch. Bisous a tous les deux. Profite bien. Sandy

  7. I wonder if you are not confusing Beaujolais Day with Thanksgiving ? Never mind, have a great day in Paris, despite the exécrable weather!

  8. not likely 🙂 – weather always a non-issue in Paris!

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