Restaurants in THUIR

While in this charming town, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, I ate at a local neighborhood café for lunch and at a more upscale restaurant for dinner: good food and excellent service at both (just in case you venture this way, but bring your GPS!) See why HERE

1. Le Café Bleu (lunch):


Gambas flambees a l’Armagnac

Salade au poulet et roquefort

2. La Patio Catalan (dinner):


Lobster soup

Salade frisee

Salad and sardines

Fruit crumble and ice cream

4 thoughts on “Restaurants in THUIR

  1. Alistair Syme says:

    In Cagnes sur Mer last September had lunch at the excellent Café Socca, near the market, where the lasagne aux fruits de mer was sensational, very busy, very buzzy, chatted to two very elegant older ladies, French but long time USA residents back for a visit. It was great and so were the two lovely young girls who waited on table.

  2. frank says:

    It all looks good, I’ll have an extra order of of the gambas!

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