Wintery Weather

Cold, ice, & snow – oh my!

Sure, it gets cold in winter months on the French Riviera, but ice and snowy conditions are very rare.  During my recent visit to the Washington D.C. area, there was a winter storm affecting the East coast, and sure enough, I experienced an ice storm, followed by snow accumulations of about 10-12 inches.  Nice to look at, but definitely not the nice/NICE weather I’m used to. Beautiful to look at, but happy to be back home to warmer temps!

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9 thoughts on “Wintery Weather

  1. cteachr says:

    I wouldn’t be visiting the northern US in the winter if I had the choice. I am sure Nice is much nicer this time of year.

  2. This is wonderful Kim. You must be so proud of your books and I love your father in law’s music. A real taste of France. I am so glad that you are living your dream. Inspirational stuff.

    Love Corinne x

  3. Looks very, very, very familiar!

  4. Paula Wyche says:

    How can my daughter live in France? Poo

    • Hi Paula – sorry, don’t understand your comment so please email me to clarify. Merci!

    • Hi Paula – Sorry, I got your message confused regarding a different post so please ignore my previous reply. Really it all depends on where in France one lives, as it can be just as wintery as in D.C. Thanks for commenting.

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