Language Lundi #2

language lundi #2

(Source credit: French Property News)



Who am I?: Blanc; Roux; Ducasse

Past Participles: su; ouvert; eu; mis; fait

Faux amis: grape; sensitive; to claim; uninhabited; to attend; disappointment

Odd one out: Pyrénées-Orientales; le parapluie; la confiture

Idioms: be well read; b. to be speechless; c. to be at home; d. to meet someone halfway; e. to be over the moon

6 thoughts on “Language Lundi #2

  1. Great quiz! Was stumped by some of the idioms!

  2. colormusing says:

    J’adore cette idée! Merci pour la lecon!

  3. Pascal says:

    you may like my website too: and also for news in both language!

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