Café Bianco & New friends

One great thing gained from blogging is a sense of community, and so it was that I met up with blogger and author, Lynn McBride of Southern Fried French, for an apero during her stay near Nice.  It was such a delightful evening that I ended up eating dinner with her and her husband and their friends from the U.S.

We shared stories, tips about our blogs, self-publishing woes, & ongoing marketing of our individual books (see photo/link below), over a nice dinner accompanied, of course, with un bon verre de vin.

Café Bianco (9 Rue Chauvain) was the perfect setting for establishing comraderie and new friendships, and not far from the center of Old Town. A nice evening with nice people and new friends in Nice!

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Be sure to also check out Lynn’s book, available on Amazon HERELynn's book

6 thoughts on “Café Bianco & New friends

  1. shellwrites says:

    How lovely :))) I shall check out that book. It looks like a good one for me. Thank you for another grand post indeed :)))

  2. lmcbride2 says:

    It was a nice evening indeed, and fun to read about it on your blog. I like the photo of us, we do have the happy look of folks enjoying good wine. Let’s do it again next time!

  3. Wouldn’t it be grand if a few more of us bloggers were able to sit down periodically with a glass to share our tales–especially in Nice or Bourgogne. My new book, Adventures in the Southern Corners of France, is now available at Amazon as well.

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