Chamber Music Event

I enjoy listening to most all types of music and especially like chamber music – most notably, baroque music by Jean-Baptiste Lully, composer and chef d’orchestre for Louis XIV.

The Berliner Camerata will be performing compositions by Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi at the Basilique Notre Dame, a Neo-Gothic basilica built between 1864 and 1868 and is the largest church in Nice, but it is not a cathedrale, like the baroque-style Cathedrale St. Reparate in Nice.  So what’s the difference, you ask, too? 

“The difference between a cathedral and a basilica is that a cathedral is a church which acts as home to the bishop`s throne (cathedra) that is the central church in his diocese while a basilica refers to a church’s architecture and importance to the pope. A Basilica refers also to permanent designation for church building.” (wikipedia)

No matter what the setting, this concert sounds like a great one (no pun intended!)

Tickets at FNAC HERE

held at the Notre Dame Church at 37, Av. Jean Medecin, Nice

Tram stop:  Nice Etoile

4 thoughts on “Chamber Music Event

  1. Thanks for that cathedral/basilica mini course. I, too, am partial to chamber music … which additionally has the advantage of usually being less expensive than full orchestras or opera !

  2. My favorite chamber concert was on a summer evening at St. Chapelle surrounded by stained glass and listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. I play the harpsichord myself so was in hog heaven.

    • St. Chapelle is such a lovely venue, visually and acoustically – I heard a choir there once. Playing the harpsichord is indeed a unique talent (I love baroque music) – bravo!

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