Riviera Polo Club

I recently attended the annual “Champagne & Chukkas” event for the first time, and as a member of the International Club of the Riviera, enjoyed watching the Riviera Polo Club event from their sponsor’s tent.

As a former equestrian (hunter/jumper and fox-hunting), it was truly a Proust-like moment for me: the sweet smell of the hay in the air, the soft feel of petting a pony and a horse, and the ingrained muscle memory of riding – the pleasant odors and familiar sights lingered all around me.

Champagne, horses, and dancing were the highlights of the day and evening – et bien sûr, mingling with friends and new acquaintances.

A great day and an enjoyable event – I just wish now that I had kept my custom riding boots!

RPC photo

Riviera Polo Club photo



8 thoughts on “Riviera Polo Club

  1. Definitely sounds like a memorable day! Not entirely unlike the old Sunday polo matches in Beverly Hills with Ginger Rogers and Rita Haywarth rooting from the tents!

  2. I agree, you exactly described such an event. I can smell and see it … via mental cinema :o)

  3. colormusing says:

    Ooh, how I wish I could have been there! (My daughter and I are hunter-jumpers from way back.)

  4. Zoelie Sapphire says:

    you’re a former equestrian? Oh, you’re so cool. i always wanted to watch polo game (live and me near the players where i can watch them so close) but unfortunately i always missed it. either i have a class, out of town or lots-of-unfortunate-events happen. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or what! i do love horses but i guess, they don’t like me. LOL 🙂

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