Les Baux de Provence: Jaguars, Picnic, & Mines – Oh My!

During my recent short trip with friends to the Luberon, it was planned that we stay in Fontvieille and stop nearby to have a picnic before going to the “Carrières de Lumières” multi-media show in Les Baux, featuring works by Klimt.

IMG_0031KlimtPhoto: Official brochure

It sounded good to me, especially since they were bringing the food (read: I didn’t have to cook).   My 14-old car was left at the hotel, bien sûr, as we all rode in style in my friends’ cars to a small, open area of a nearby forest.


As we approached the area, we noticed and pulled off the road and parked just before an ominous sign:

“Accès Interdit Tir des Mines – Danger” (Do not enter – land mines)


Tir de Mines


As we carefully set up our ‘table’ and the put out the delicious spread, I thought that this picnic would be a blast (figuratively speaking only).  We ate, laughed, fought off a few ants that liked the food as well, and enjoyed comraderie in a setting of nature and calm (thankfully).  Merci to our friends for a great day’s outing!


Les Baux de Provence:





10 thoughts on “Les Baux de Provence: Jaguars, Picnic, & Mines – Oh My!

  1. joellebecker says:

    Great photos and great moments!

  2. Sounds appealing. You didn’t say what the food was. Picnics to me evoke my childhood, and that means fried chicken and deviled eggs … and if I really look back to the perfect picnic memory, homemade peach ice cream (I am old enough to actually remember taking turns turning the crank!).
    P.S. Great looking little carlin!

  3. I always thought Les Baux was very cool. Others have disagreed with me, discounting it as too touristy. Well, there is a reason that it is touristy….

  4. EdDoc99 says:

    Why are there land mines? Are they from WWII?

  5. What a wonderful memory to make – good food, good friends, and a gorgeous place to dine! Awesome!!

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