Innovative Creative Cuisine in Vence

I recently lunched en groupe at “Les Bacchanales” restaurant, where the chef creates the week’s menu based on his market finds, sourced from within 250 km. and  from what is currently in season and his unique personal taste – literally & creatively speaking! The restaurant also filters its own still and sparkling water, in an effort to respect the environment.

This particular day’s menu involved three courses, with an unusual choice for the main dish (see menu photo). Was the amusing garden art at the entrance a sign of the creative cuisine to come?!

Personal Assessment:  In my opinion, my main course was somewhat skimpy in portion (would have liked a side of something), especially for the price.  I also thought that the cheese course seemed rationed (read: skimpy) for the number of people being served in our group.

A chacun son gout! (to each his own) 


(hover mouse over image for caption)




5 thoughts on “Innovative Creative Cuisine in Vence

  1. It looks very pretty from the photos, as does the food. Will add it to my (very long) list of restaurants to try. LOVE the cheese quiz!

  2. Chrissie says:

    That thyme-smoked cheese looks divine! YUM!

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