Childrens Book – Just published!

Boulette cover image with title

A childrens e-book about a Jack Russell who discovers that his fear of change holds many suprises for him – a fun story for kids to learn about how life changes can become a happy experience. Since Boulette is an American dog who ‘became’ French, the photos’ captions are in English and French. A story that makes bi-lingual language learning fun for kids and a true bedtime backstory for adults to enjoy as well.

Can be purchased on Amazon HERE

6 thoughts on “Childrens Book – Just published!

  1. Bravo, Kim!! (I”m off now to check out the book!)

  2. Nancy says:

    What an adorable photo of him! Well done on this book. :-))

  3. says:

    Felicitations! Great news…we are in the midst of contemplating what changes lie ahead for us! 🙂 hugs and best. Sandy and Terry

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