A la Franςaise – A Creative Video

Anyone who’s in the know, knows that I love anything and everything to do with Louis XIV & Versailles and am looking forward to being there again soon for a special event (stay tuned for blog post in June)!

The video (link below) was created by a group of graduate students and is done incredibly well as a tongue in cheek short animated film about life at court in 1700 – creative and amusing entertainment!

See video HERE

What do you think of it?



8 thoughts on “A la Franςaise – A Creative Video

  1. Nick says:

    Very well done and entertaining!

  2. pedmar10 says:

    hahaha funny video, I will be there in June too my old city now as a visitor .

  3. colormusing says:

    Je l’adore! (Comment on-dit “ROFL” en francais?)

  4. Deborah says:

    What a talented group of kids to make a video like that. The animation was just as good as anything you would find coming out of Hollywood. It was also very educational about the time period!!. Didn’t know that women were playing tennis!

    • Thanks, Deb – agree that the video is exceptionally done! Actually, it was badminton in the video, and I notice something different each time I watch it 🙂

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