La Barque Bleue at Nice Port

Barque Bleue exteriorI recently dined with some friends, who had chosen a restaurant at the port of Nice.  I expected specialities centered around fish and seafood, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant is Italian-owned and offers Italian specialities as well.

We had a great corner table near the back of the restaurant, which provided a quiet atmosphere to chat and linger over the antipasti and their luscious red house wine before the main course.

house red wine









Of course, we had to complete our meal with the typical Italian dessert of tiramisu – MIAM!

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6 thoughts on “La Barque Bleue at Nice Port

  1. Nancy says:

    It was a lovely lovely evening with wonderful dear friends!

  2. Great shots, Kim. Tiramisu? Lucky you! Fun décor. (I also love their neon sign. It’s a beauty!)

  3. Miss Diane says:

    Cet endroit semble bien agréable et le veau au citron est parmi mes mets italiens préférés!

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