To B or Not to B(&B)

As with any major decision, there are pros and cons to be considered in looking at every angle and at the various options involved.  And so it is after 8 years on the French Riviera, I am hoping to move (eventually) to the Dordogne area of the Aquitaine region of France – a sunflower/green fields-dotted kind of region with many chateaux and closer to Paris!  It is up to the “universe” at the moment, as to when my current house sells (see link below), and when this plan can become more tangible. As they say, timing is everything.

I have also been entertaining the idea of running a 2-3 bedroom B&B in that area, since you can get much more house for the money there (the French Riviera is the 2nd most expensive place to live in France).  After reading many how-to/dummies/idiots books and doing much on-line research on the subject, I have to admit I am still undecided.

So my question remains:  To B or not to B(&B)???

I guess only time will tell – stay tuned!

Village House Near Nice HERE

14 thoughts on “To B or Not to B(&B)

  1. A shame to leave the Côté d’Azur … but the Dordogne is so beautiful!

  2. Hi Kim, I was wondering how things were progressing in this area! I don’t know if I’d emailed you earlier about Ginger? She lives in Plazac in the Dordogne& I met her thru Couchsurfing. She’s s very delightful& interesting woman if you wanted to meet her? I stayed with her 4 nights& even went to get writers group! ( She translated what I wrote to the group!)😄😄 I continue to plug away selling houses! I’m hoping to come back to France wi 2 years! Good luck with your move,,, Best wishes, Debbie

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    • Thanks, Debbie – good luck with the house selling and let’s plan on seeing each other in France when you get back on this side of the pond. (I’ll let you know if I need Ginger’s contact info).

  3. Thanks Sookie for saying our “house is a jewel” – see you soon!

  4. I’ll come and stay if you do 😎

  5. cteachr says:

    Great idea the B & B! In the meantime, did you try using your existing house as a B & B? Your house does look charming.

  6. colormusing says:

    I’ll stay with you, Kim!! : )

  7. ” It’s beautiful and that location is amazing.” – Thanks, David – happy you got to visit us while here.

  8. Owning a B&B in France would be a dream! I hope you are able to make it happen.

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