Chateau des Reynats

Located in Chancelade, in the Dordogne region just next to the capital city of Perigueux, this hotel/restaurant chateau des reynatsis a hidden treasure of luxury and gastronomic pleasure (the bread was ‘to die for’).  I recently lunched in the Bistro La Verrière, in fact twice since it was so delicious.  The service was excellent with attention to every detail, overseen by a dining manager who directed the younger servers like an orchestra leader conducts musiciens, to the point where even their posture and mannerisms were scrutinized & corrected. It was amusing and mesmerizing to watch the manger in action, as he insisted on four star service attentiveness and standards from his staff of three serveurs/serveuses.

La Verrière was extremely busy as customers drove in to enjoy the gourmet food at a reasonable price, not to mention the lovely setting – a win/win situation, bien sûr.

If you get to the area, it’s definitely worth checking out this lovely place – I would go back, if not for the bread alone! 🙂


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