Cucuron in the Luberon

If you have seen the movie, “A Good Year” featuring Russell Crowe and based on Peter Mayle’s book, A Year in Provence, you will probably recognize the Place de l’Etang in Cucuron in Provence from one of the scenes in the movie.  I recently ate lunch at a restaurant located beside this village pond, as well as visited the wine shop at the Chateau la Canorgue film location in the movie.  (The chateau is a private, family residence and not open to the public.)  I even purchased a couple bottles of the wine “Le Coin Perdu,” which isn’t drinkable for a minimumcoin perdu of one year with 3-5 years being optimal – what a special souvenir from the beautiful film location of a lovely movie.

Movie trailer HERE

Place de l'Etang

Place de l’Etang

chateau la canorgue

chateau map

Restaurant l'Etang

Restaurant l’Etang

wine with rainbow

wine with rainbow

Escargot entree

Escargot entree

Fish main dish

Fish main dish

Cesar salad

Cesar salad


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