Jewel of the French Riviera

Referred to as the jewel of the French Riviera with its panoramic sea views, villas, and luxurious surroundings, St. Jean Cap Ferrat also boasts the highest worldwide price tag for real estate property.  Video (in French) HERE

I have walked the coastal walkways around this peninsula, a site for peaceful and breathtaking landscape and sea views, several times.  So it was that I recently was invited to dine en groupe in the town center on the evening of the annual “Grande Nuit Vénitienne,” featuring a parade of costumes, flag throwers, musicians, and other masked entertainers.  Crowds gathered as the parade passed by (they make two rounds) and kids enjoyed their silly string battles – a fun & festive evening in a lovely setting!



4 thoughts on “Jewel of the French Riviera

  1. Very nice pictures!

  2. colormusing says:

    Comment dit-on “whoa”?? Stunning!

  3. Merci – tu peux dire “waou” (wow) – epoustouflant! Have a great week.

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