Christmas Markets in France

Traditionally, housewives would spend the weeks preparing the festive feast. Christmas markets in France developed to supply them with the ingredients.

Source/Click link: Christmas Markets in France

One thought on “Christmas Markets in France

  1. Deborah DAlessandro says:

    Hi Kim! Hope you had a good trip to the States and are enjoying all! Just wanted to touch base. I just read your blog on Xmas markets. Great! Would love to see the one in Strausbourg one day. I also saw that you had an ad for Credit Agricole! Did you sell ad space to them?? All good here. I am spending quality time with family and friends. Tonight out with dentist Charles. Unseasonably warm as you are also probably getting in Washington. Love to all of you and have a great Xmas! Are you cooking?? Look forward to having a drink with you to toast in the New Year! Deb

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