Mexican Restaurant near Nice

Whenever someone asked me what I miss most in the U.S., I usually answer an authentically good Mexican restaurant.  Having tried a couple in Nice, my quest continued and lo and behold, I recently ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant named “Le Ship” in St. Laurent du Var, just on the other side of Nice airport.



Table settingFirst critique was their chips and salsa: seemed like a standard jar-type salsa that one can buy in any supermarket so was nothing special.  The chips were OK but a little thick and heavy.  The menu had a wide variety of choices, including kangaroo and bison, but I stuck to the Mexican fare.



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After lunch, a nice promenade around the Port de Plaisance next to the restaurant in St. Laurent du Var helped digest the meal which all-in-all was pretty good for Mexican fare on the French Riviera!





6 thoughts on “Mexican Restaurant near Nice

  1. Nancy says:

    We have to go their with you!

  2. John says:

    Sorry that you were disappointed with the chips. I find the same with Indian restaurants, just not as good as in the UK.

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